Reiki, a Japanese energy modality, rooted in Hinduism and Buddhism , can be a pivotal piece of any healing process, emotionally and physically. For those pursuing conception, to change the present situations , this can be powerful step towards that goal. The energy exists in all the cells ,organs and glands of our body, and when that energy is blocked or greatly diminished, for any mental or issues of thoughts in present time, or in past life , which brings emotional disturbance ,that can create similar blockages in the auric and physical body in future, these blockages can be experienced as infertility, issues with menstruation in women and for all men and women this blocked energy may appear as physical illness.

Reiki is one of the most powerful ways to remove these energetic blockages. During a reiki session, we will have a brief discussion regarding your goals for the session, and the areas you feel most impacted. You will sit or lie in comfortable positions while I use a hands-off method to work. Hands-off is where I hold my hands slightly above your body in order to connect to your energy field. During this Reiki healing process, I will identify emotional imbalance in Aura and release any areas of blockage or stagnation, through mystic process of Reiki. This will restore balance and a free flow of energy, and assist the body in the healing process. I will use various tools in Reiki healing process, if required, crystals, music, in order to assist with the release and balancing of this energy. After receiving this service, you may feel refreshed and relaxed. The severe the disease, severe is the emotional energy blockage. Any questions about the process are encouraged!

Reiki is a completely safe modality, therefore it is a process used with great success on both children and adults.