eft trainer

What is an EFT Practitioner?
An EFT Practitioner, or Tapping Practitioner, is a professional coach, psychologist, therapist or counselor who uses the technique known as EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) or Tapping (Also sometimes known as “The Tapping Solution”)

An EFT Practitioner is a professional that can work with you one-on-one or in a group setting, using the EFT Technique, oftentimes in conjunction with other techniques, to help you overcome any challenge that you’re dealing with in your life.

EFT is used on a variety of issues like stress, anxiety, overwhelm and other negative emotions, weight loss, clearing blocks to financial success, trauma, physical pain, relationship problems, phobias, addictions, athletic performance and much more.

Benefits of Working With An EFT Practitioner
While EFT is easy enough to learn and practice on your own, there are many benefits of working with an EFT Practitioner.

An EFT Practitioner can:
Provide a safe space for you to explore and clear your emotions in Often, it is hard to access painful memories and traumas while we are alone. An EFT Practitioner can help you feel safe enough to explore parts of your past you may otherwise not easily get to. Help you discover the core issue of a specific challenge EFT Practitioners can help you “get to the bottom” of why a specific issue is holding such a charge for you. Assist you in identifying and clearing healing blocks you may have These blocks are often referred to by EFT Practitioners as psychological reversals. While it is quite common to have these blocks, they can keep you from overcoming your problem, no matter how much effort you put in. Formulate effective EFT Tapping statements One of the biggest challenges for people while tapping, is to know what words to use. An EFT Practitioner will help you come up with not only a statement you resonate with, but one that will also be effective in clearing the issue.

Keep you on track
It is easy to go off on tapping tangents, which can make it difficult to clear the whole issue. By working with an EFT Practitioner, you can make sure you follow an issue through to the end.